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What is Blue Steele Solutions?

You've heard of bluing steel, right? {A process to improve & make steel beautiful and resistant to corrosion} We do that for your marketing. We build sustainable, rock-solid marketing strategies and solutions that help grow your business. Online and off. We are dedicated to our customers' success -- so much so that we only take on a limited number of projects at a time. The waiting list is always changing and fills up quickly, so contact us today to schedule a review of your project.


Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Not your typical email blasts. We create email marketing that your customers want to read. Email marketing is a powerful tool when used correctly. Very few other mediums allow you such close, personal contact with your customers in a highly scalable way. The relationship between you and your customers is easily damaged by poor email marketing content and strategy. If you're looking to get in front of your customers more and in a way they will welcome, call us today to schedule an email marketing review.
Website design

Website Design, Development & Content

You need a website. Like, yesterday. If you are looking to develop a new site, redesign your current one, or just improve things and do a little house keeping, we can help. Our website solutions are tailored to each clients' needs and audience. Our process always begins with a comprehensive review of your audience, goals, and budget to ensure we create the best website strategy for your business. Call us today to talk about your web project and reserve a spot on our waiting list.

Print Marketing

Print marketing servicesWhile we love everything about online marketing, print holds a very special place in our hearts. We're the kind of crazy people who can't sleep the night before a press check and who will debate for hours over which paper stock is just right for a piece. No matter what business you are in, you will likely have a need for some print items in your marketing mix. From business cards to beautiful brochures to 200-page product manuals; we've seen it all and made them each beautifully effective.

CRM & Business Development

We love design and content creation, but the best marketing strategies in the world will never help your business unless you put in place a solid plan and the right systems to manage customers, processes, and growth. We've worked with organizations large and small to develop a range of systems and strategies that fit their needs and budgets.